Whiskey Myers Call the Shots in Tyler, Texas


Whiskey Myers played their very first Tyler, Texas, show at an old-school barbecue joint called Stanley’s Famous. Although our CMT crew usually produces Concrete Country in downtown areas, we couldn’t resist the gleaming red and green neon — or the savory barbecue which has been ranked among the best in the state.

The band members all grew up in the region, so a show at Stanley’s was like a family reunion — and not just because of all the tasty food. Behind the band, you’ll see an inviting deck, where the regular stage is tucked away. But for this taping, we placed the band in the parking lot. (The Stanley’s van was strategically parked to avoid any hungry locals crashing into us.) With a comfortable temperature and a mighty groove, everybody enjoyed this session.

“We don’t really plan anything,” singer Cody Cannon told us afterwards. “We wing it a lot, especially about songwriting. We probably should write a certain song or a certain way to appeal to a certain demographic, but that’s kind of lame. It’s not natural. We try to stay as organic as we can. We just like to play music, and that’s what we do. And it comes out however it comes out.”