Willie Sugarcapps Wander Toward “Gypsy Train”


The band members of Willie Sugarcapps capture an intriguing Gulf Coast vibe on their upcoming album, also titled Willie Sugarcapps. They’ve described their sound as an organic blend of blues, rock and classic country, which is infused with a laid-back vibe.

Astute Americana listeners will recognize the lineup: Will Kimbrough, the duo Sugarcane Jane (Anthony Crawford and Savana Lee) and Grayson Capps and Corky Hughes. Thus, the band’s name. Along with forging ahead with their own careers, they formed the group at the Frog Pond at Blue Moon Farm in Silverhill, Ala., a small venue that takes prides in nurturing the local music community.

Scheduled for an Aug. 20 release, the project was recorded in the Deep South during an eight-hour session with producer/engineer Trina Shoemaker. One of the project’s most subdued songs is “Gypsy Train,” which Kimbrough wrote with Miles Zuniga of the band Fastball.

“We were talking about the musician’s life of wandering all over the place, appearing in front of people and then leaving town,” Kimbrough tells CMT Edge. “Yeah, we’re like gypsies in some old movie. You’re always arriving or leaving. I love the song but never knew what to do with it. Then we started Willie Sugarcapps, and I knew the song had found a home.”

Kimbrough adds, “At one time or another, everybody feels like a wandering gypsy, set to wandering — sometimes it’s just a feeling in your heart — and ‘Gypsy Train’ tells that story. The band itself, Willie Sugarcapps, has been like coming home for all of us — even though we all love where we’ve been. This band is like a new family of friends, and when we do a show, that feeling goes out to the audience, too. It’s some sort of magic.”

Come September, you won’t have to travel to Alabama to check out the band. They’ve been selected for an official showcase at the Americana Music Festival in Nashville.

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