Julie Kathryn Breezes Through Son Volt’s “Windfall”


Here’s a summer road trip song for you: Julie Kathryn’s “Windfall.” Fans of Son Volt might remember it from their 1995 album, Trace, but for this recording, it’s reworked as a duet. You can imagine that she and Ari Hest are singing to each other or that they’re sending out a sweet message to listeners who could use a bit of encouragement.

The track will appear on Kathryn’s album, Black Trees, on Aug. 27.

“I feel really connected to this song, and I’m so glad we included it on the album,” she says. “Jay Farrar’s writing is simple but really poignant. I love all of the details about AM radio and life on the road. As a guest vocalist, Ari Hest brings a lot of depth and resonance to the song. He also adds another personality to the story.”

Kathryn grew up in Lake Placid, N.Y., with an ear for piano and guitar. She received compliments as a fledgling songwriter, but rather than pursue a career in performance, she earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Cornell University and a master’s degree in social work from Columbia University. During the day, she’d interview clients in jail. At night, she’d play gigs. Now she’s pursuing a fulltime career in music.

“I always felt this deep calling to help people, and my first response was social work,” she says. “I always wanted to make an emotional connection to people. Social work informed my music because it helped me be in touch with my emotions and be empathetic, but when I stopped feeling spiritually connected to it, I realized I could serve a higher calling through music.”

Enjoy the CMT Edge premiere of Julie Kathryn’s “Windfall.”