Westbound Rangers Reflect on “One of These Days”


The Westbound Rangers’ brand new video, “One of These Days,” moves along at a pleasant trot. That easygoing tempo opens up the narrative of the story, giving it room to roam.

“We really wanted to tell an honest, kind of stream-of-thought story of reflection,” says Mike Walker, the band’s mandolin player who wrote the song with Aaron Eshius. “We wanted the lyrics to be very to-the-point and paint a picture of what was going through the storyteller’s head at that exact moment.”

The band filmed the video in the backyard of banjo player Graham Sherrill’s house just outside of Nashville. “He and his wife Mary Lindsay raise chickens and keep bees and have a great garden over there. Their dog Raven, as seen in the video, helps keep everyone in line,” says guitarist H. Read Davis.

Despite Raven’s best efforts, though, the video shoot wasn’t confining at all.

“We wanted the music to chug along with the lyrics at a natural pace so it felt spontaneous,” Walker says. “Not too much production. Not too much emphasis on space or breath. The goal was to create a musical setting that could simply flow with the pace of the story.”

Davis adds, “The thing I remember most about that day was traversing down a steep hill for a shot or trying to look really cool while singing a song in the woods. But after all the shooting was done, it was great to just be able to walk in to Graham and Mary Lindsay’s house and hang out together in the living room as friends.”

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