Kim Lenz Captures Her Power on “Follow Me”


With her fiery hair, retro attitude and commanding voice, Kim Lenz first charged through the rockabilly world in the late 1990s. Now she’s back with a potent new recording, “Follow Me.”

“The song is sung from the point-of-view of an all-knowing woman. A goddess, a mystic … someone who knows,” Lenz says. “The man in the song thinks he wants her, but she knows she has a lot more to offer him than he can even fathom. Even in this day and age, it’s not considered the norm for a woman to take that kind of power. The song conveys the real power that women have.”

The alluring song has been in Lenz’s arsenal for a while, but she’d been shy about releasing it.

“When I tried to demo this song for the last record, there was an embarrassment that I felt,” she says. “It’s hard to describe. When you’re leading an all-male band, it takes a lot of courage to embody the woman in ‘Follow Me.’ Over the last couple of years, I’ve been through a dark night of the soul. I had to face things I would never wish on anyone. I’ve been to the edge of the cliff. I’m not afraid of anything anymore. I know my true strength because I’ve been tested and come out the other side.”

Lenz’ world was turned upside down following the release of 2009’s It’s All True. The revelation of a longtime family secret that Lenz was adopted prompted a flood of difficult memories. She also grieved the death of her friend and bandmate, guitarist Nick Curran, last October.

Asked about her frame of mind now, Lenz says, “I have a deeper understanding of all the dark things people go through. … In a way, I am more of myself than I was before. I think when you face your demons head on, they actually become allies. I am stronger, more confident and more compassionate than I’ve ever been. When you’re done hiding your pain, it seems to me, you can see more real beauty in the world. And I feel I can reach emotional places in my singing and songwriting that were unavailable to me before. I am proud of this record and excited for what’s to come next.”

Along with her summer tour dates, look for Kim Lenz’ upcoming album, also titled Follow Me, on Aug. 20, and check out the CMT Edge premiere of the title track.