Lord Huron Takes “Time to Run” to Times Square


Lord Huron put out one of my favorite albums last year with Lonesome Dreams, seasoning elements of traditional country with indie-rock flavor and mystical-feeling vocals. It’s one of my go-to driving records, but I figured Ben Schneider and his band would never be able to pull off that lush sound in a mostly acoustic setting.

The 2013 O Music Awards proved otherwise. Performing on a terrace above New York City’s Times Square, the band stripped down “Time to Run” and “She Lit a Fire” to their bare bones.

With three guitars, the guys were able to recreate a lot of the synthesized background sounds from Lonesome Dreams and also nail all the catchy instrumental hooks. A steadily chugging snare and fat bass line provide the foundation for a surprisingly layered sound. And Schneider’s voice was in fine, dreamy form on that sunny June day.

Check out “Time to Run” and “She Lit a Fire” recorded live at the 2013 O Music Awards.