Charlie Faye Wonders “How Long” She’ll Wait


How do you cross the threshold of friendship into the throes of romance? That’s what Charlie Faye is trying to figure out in “How Long,” an aching and intriguing track from You Were Fine, You Weren’t Even Lonely, a new album arriving on Aug. 6.

“I wrote ‘How Long’ with my friend Dan Rosen,” Faye tells CMT Edge. “We were trying to capture that feeling of having a crush on a friend and waiting around for them to notice you while you just pine away.”

To wit, the opening line: “How long do I have to pretend/To be a friend/Every last weekend?”

Faye wrote most of the album with Will Sexton, her longtime writing partner and, eventually, her ex-boyfriend. However, “How Long” is an exception. Rather than trade lyrics about a love that’s falling apart, Faye and Rosen imagine a relationship that hasn’t even started yet.

“We wrote most of the song in one sitting, but then passed it back and forth a few times over the next few months, tweaking a phrase here and there,” she adds. “I knew it was done when it felt totally right!”

Well, thank goodness for some closure. Check out the CMT Edge premiere of Charlie Faye’s “How Long.”