Zane Williams Pokes Fun at His “Overnight Success”


From its clever intro to its wise-guy ending, Zane Williams’ “Overnight Success” ought to perk up the ears of country fans with a wry sense of humor. Especially if they’ve ever tried to start a band or watched their favorite artist struggle to make headway.

It’s almost an unavoidable cliché — after working hard for 10 years or so, a singer-songwriter finally catches a big break, only to be described as an “overnight sensation.” And that’s if they’re lucky.

Williams knows the drill after moving to Nashville with stars in his eyes only to end up defeated and back home in his native Texas.

“‘Overnight Success’ is a good example of three chords and the truth,” he tells CMT Edge. “There’s not a line in that entire song that I haven’t lived out, and most of the musicians I know say the same.”

Like a few before him, though, his return home ended up helping him redefine his goals. He’s now released a new album, also called Overnight Success, and you can have a laugh with the how-to title track here.

Listen to Zane Williams’ “Overnight Success.”