Cale Tyson Tips It Back for “Lonesome in Tennessee”


Everything you need for a country weeper is present in Cale Tyson’s “Lonesome in Tennessee.” Jukebox? Check. Teardrops? Of course. A girl who got away? Yes, and Tyson said she’s the one who inspired the tune.

“‘Lonesome in Tennessee’ was written during a kind of low point,” he tells CMT Edge. “I was seeing a girl off and on, who would never really settle down with me (or anyone for that matter). I just kept getting my hopes up and being let down, over and over again.

“So anyway, I started thinking about a past relationship I had back in Texas and how things might have been better if I would’ve stuck with that. Turns out it was just one of those ‘grass is greener on the other side’ situations. I’d say loneliness and alcohol were pretty helpful factors to writing the song,” he admits.

So, when you’re this lonesome — and no question this one’s a sad number — who do you turn to?

“The first person I played it for was an old roommate,” Tyson says. “She didn’t really like it — said it was too depressing. But after she heard it with the full band, she really dug it. Funny how that happens … ”

Look for Tyson’s new EP, High on Lonesome, on Aug. 6 and enjoy this CMT Edge premiere of “Lonesome on Tennessee.”