Trisha Yearwood “Remembers” a Forgotten Love

Even when you’re not very nostalgic, there’s just something about an old melody that can take you back in time. That’s the message of Trisha Yearwood’s “The Song Remembers When.” In this elegant ballad written by Hugh Prestwood, the narrator is standing in the checkout line when she hears the familiar music start. Instantly, she’s transported to an early romance that had long since flickered out. “We were young and were in love, and we were easy to convince,” she sings.

Although “The Song Remembers When” is vividly written, not much happens in this music video from 1993 — just a classy vocalist serenading a few listeners at dimly lit tables. It’s an appropriate setting to hear a poetic song like this, as well as a pleasant reminder that a true vocalist knows when to be subtle.

Reminisce with Trisha Yearwood’s classic tune, “The Song Remembers When.”