The March Divide Saved a Missing Songwriter


The March Divide is the new band from songwriter Jared Putnam, who went missing — on purpose — after the demise of his emo group, the Conversation. With the latter band’s grueling, endless tours behind him, Putnam needed to stay hidden in one place to put his life back together.

“After I broke up my band and quit the road, I spent a few years completely out of touch with almost everyone I knew,” Putnam says. “I sort of hid myself in a way that no one even knew where or how to find me. My label told me that they spent years looking for me, even periodically checking missing person reports and Amber alerts.”

You can sense that anxiety in his new band’s song, “L.A.” The confessional track comes from the March Divide’s new EP, Music for Television, arriving on July 9. Although Putnam’s vocal recalls his emo past, there’s a soul-baring narrative that lends itself well to an Americana feel.

“‘L.A.’ is probably my most honest song,” he says. “It tells a lot of the story of what happened and why I did what I did. It was important for me to write a song like that, to be able to move forward. For me, it’s closure on a lot of the mistakes I made and on everything I left behind.”

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