Truth & Salvage Co. Can’t Be Tied Down


Here’s a new song that’s bound for my summer playlist: Truth & Salvage Co.’s “I’m Not Your Boyfriend.” The tempo is just easygoing enough that it rolls right along while you’re on the highway. And I think even the most dedicated companion just wants to stay up late sometimes and see what kind of trouble he can get into. (Am I right?)

Five of the six guys in the band are songwriters, so listening to their music is kind of like hanging out with a group of buddies. They’ve moved to Nashville since their exceptional 2010 debut album, but it hasn’t changed their sound much and I’d venture to say, their world view is intact, too.

Walker Young, one of the band’s four lead singers, says, “‘I’m Not Your Boyfriend’ was written early in the morning, praising a life of freedom, debauchery and the restless nature of man. It glorifies the rebel, the man who cannot be tied down, much like Waylon Jennings’ ‘Ladies Love Outlaws’ or the Rolling Stones’ ‘Dead Flowers.’”

Young adds the song was written when he and bandmate Tim Jones were suddenly single again.

“Tim and I had both broken up with ladies who tried very hard to change our desire to push the limits of the night. These ladies failed, and this is our song of freedom,” Young says. “However, with that freedom comes a longing, lonely urge to hold onto something substantial and real. Hence, the twist at the end: ‘If I could have it all, all I’d want is you. … But I’m not your boyfriend.’”

The catchy track will be included on the band’s second album, Pick Me Up, arriving July 23. They’ll mark the release with a show in their new hometown at Nashville’s Exit/In. Check out Truth & Salvage Co.’s “I’m Not Your Boyfriend.”