Stephen Kellogg’s “Crosses” Pays Tribute to Those We’ve Lost


From music festivals to USO stages, Stephen Kellogg has traveled the globe. Among those miles, one somber moment stood out when he was writing the new song, “Crosses.”

“A few years back, I saw a couple fumbling up the side of a highway embankment to place some flowers by a small modest cross. It broke my heart, and it has stayed with me ever since,” he tells CMT Edge. “Wherever I go around the world, every cross I see on the side of the road is a reminder of that couple. I felt like we should keep the video understated because when you lose someone, there really are no words.”

Since the hiatus of Kellogg’s band, the Sixers, he’s welcomed a fourth daughter, rebuilt his house and faced the loss his mother-in-law and grandmother. That sense of family, grief and soldiering on informs the mood of his upcoming album, Blunderstone Rookery, arriving June 18.

As always, his memorable melodies keep the music moving while the lyrics pull you into a deeper story. That’s true with the video for “Crosses,” too.

“My grandfather is one of the ghosts in the video, and I miss him every day. He kind of brings it home for me,” says Kellogg. “Like the crosses on the side of the road, the video is a tribute and memoriam to those we’ve lost.”

Check out Stephen Kellogg’s touching video for “Crosses.”