Green River Ordinance Rising With “It Ain’t Love”


You can hear a strong Americana undercurrent in Green River Ordinance’s new single, “It Ain’t Love.” The banjo that weaves in and out of the melody is what initially drew me in, but I also appreciate that the lyrics look at love just a little bit differently than your typical summer song — probably because it recognizes the ups and downs that go along with falling for somebody.

“‘It Ain’t Love’ is about the freedom that comes with letting your guard down in a relationship and knowing that you may get your heart broken but it was worth every moment,” says Geoff Ice, the band’s bassist.

A few years ago, Green River Ordinance found numerous new fans through Sirius XM’s the Highway, which made a home for “Dancin’ Shoes,” a flirtatious and laid-back tune about kicking back with Emmylou on the record player. The band’s new material largely treads that same territory with their easygoing side shining through in the studio and on film.

“The music video for ‘It Ain’t Love’ was shot right where the song was written, on the banks of the Caney Fork River in Rock Island, Tenn.,” Ice says. “In the video, we set out to capture our experience of heading out to the river to write the new EP, Chasing Down the Wind. We had some drinks, shot some fireworks and made a video that captures the spirit of the song.”

Sounds like summer to me. Check out Green River Ordinance’s “It Ain’t Love.”