Sturgill Simpson Gives a “Hero” Salute to His Grandfather


Visiting my grandparents on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day was a family ritual for me growing up. Knowing that Sturgill Simpson wrote “Hero” about his own grandfather, it makes the heartfelt song even more touching.

“He’s the kindest man I’ve ever known … probably ever will know. Just looking at him makes me want to be a better human being. You really only need one person in your life like that to keep faith,” the singer tells CMT Edge.

Respect for his elders is just one example of Simpson’s traditional values. Another is the deep-rooted influence of High Top Mountain, his brand new, straight-up country record. Nashville will be treated to a release party Wednesday night (June 12) when he takes the stage at Station Inn, one of the city’s finest places to hear country and bluegrass music.

As Father’s Day weekend approaches, take a moment to enjoy Sturgill Simpson’s “Hero.”