Hear “George Clooney” by This Frontier Needs Heroes


Brad Lauretti of the band This Frontier Needs Heroes was thinking about a certain movie star’s life when writing their new single, “George Clooney.” With a title like that, you might think it’s an ode to a glamorous life, but … no, not quite. It’s actually a thoughtful, pretty piece of music.

Lauretti, who is in the duo with his sister Jessica, shared the story via email with CMT Edge:

“I wrote ‘George Clooney’ after playing a show in Los Angeles, waking up hung over and kind of feeling like a loser. We crashed at our friend’s house (Pearl from the Blank Tapes) in Bel Air.

“I was amazed that GC was actually arrested for protesting about the conditions in Sudan. I feel very passionately about social issues but have a dark fear of going to jail. I was amazed by his courage to put himself on the line for what he believed in.

“It’s also got a tinge of what it’s like living in a big city, chasing your dreams and never achieving them. The sad side of Hollywood. I was trying to imagine what it was like for him going to jail or just even hanging out by himself. That’s when the line ‘even George Clooney gets lonely’ popped into my head. He is just a man.”

The duo recorded their upcoming album, Hooky, last summer in a Philadelphia studio with a full band. However, by the time the final overdubs were approaching, Brad had relocated to Jacksonville, Fla., to work at a music venue, while Jessica stayed behind in Brooklyn, N.Y., to work on film and video projects. Through email, the siblings were able to wrap up the record in time for a scheduled Aug. 27 release.

By the way, the band’s unusual name is a play on the famous words scrawled on Woody Guthrie’s guitar: “This Machine Kills Fascists.” Seems the duo took his lyric “From California to the New York Island” to heart. Check out This Frontier Needs Heroes’ “George Clooney.”