My Darling Clementine Considers the Appeal of George Jones


Reading George Jones’ life story inspired My Darling Clementine’s Michael Weston King to write a heartfelt song about the country legend. And upon Jones’ death, the band is remembering their hero by releasing “The Gospel According to George” as a single.

“It was not intended to be the first single,” says King, who is in the duo with Lou Dalgleish. “In fact, it was not intended there would even be a single right now, but it only seemed right and fitting to mark the sad passing of the magnificent George Jones. A man who, both as a singer and songwriter, was such a huge influence on me. The music and legacy of George and Tammy [Wynette] was very much the template for Lou and me when we began My Darling Clementine.”

Two years ago, King read Jones’ book, 1996’s I Lived to Tell It All, and started jotting down many of the book’s great lines. (Describing the book, King says, “It makes Keith Richards’ biog seems like Enid Blyton,” in reference to a popular British children’s author.)

“MDC were in Kirkwall on the Island of Orkney when we heard the news,” King said of the country legend’s death. “We were literally just about to go onstage. We walked on and opened up with ‘Good Year for the Roses.’ There was no alternative. Thank you, George. May you rest in peace. Lord knows, you did not find much on earth.”

The evocative single will be available on Monday (June 11) and will be featured on the band’s upcoming album, due Oct. 1. A grand tour is sure to follow. Enjoy My Darling Clementine’s “The Gospel According to George.”