Kasey Chambers Tries Harder With “Not Pretty Enough”

When it comes to songs about unrequited love, Kasey Chambers’ “Not Pretty Enough” is pretty high on my list. Chambers has often said she wrote the song in response to radio stations ignoring her in favor of Britney Spears. For me, though, this midtempo tune captures that feeling of falling short — and acknowledging that some things are simply beyond my control.

In the video, dozens of people are in a bus terminal on their way somewhere else, and sometimes they’ll pause to smile directly into the camera. It’s an interesting way to convey that need to feel noticed in a busy world.

As a fan of Chambers’ songwriting, I’ll bet I’ve listened to this song hundreds of times since its release in 2001, and — oops! — I did it again. Check out “Not Pretty Enough.”