Donna the Buffalo Gathers the Herd for “I Love My Tribe”

Next time Donna the Buffalo throws a house party, I definitely want to go. When the folk-inspired melody of “I Love My Tribe” begins, singer-songwriter Tara Nevins is sweeping off her front porch and trying to get a heartbreak off her mind. But before long, she tosses the broom aside and offers this happy ode to breaking free — and breaking the mold. Later, when she’s singing at the farm and surrounded by her circle of friends, it feels like one big group hug.

The appealing track comes from a new project, Tonight, Tomorrow and Yesterday, scheduled for a June 18 release on Sugar Hill Records. After decades on the festival scene, this energetic band has acquired a super-dedicated fan base known as the Herd — and at some point this summer, I would love to see them all bopping along with this irresistible chorus.

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