Alan Jackson Made a Splash With “Chattahoochee”

Wearing the familiar ripped jeans, a white cowboy hat — and a life jacket — Alan Jackson sailed into summertime with “Chattahoochee,” one of his most popular music videos ever. Twenty years ago, the upbeat tune crested at No. 1 at country radio and won CMA trophies for single, song and video of the year. Even those fans who never heard of such a river embraced “Chattahoochee” as an anthem, propelling Jackson’s album A Lot About Livin’ (And a Little ‘Bout Love) to six-times platinum. With summer just around the corner, slather on that sunscreen before it gets hotter than a …. well, you know. Then crank it up for that super-catchy guitar riff and enjoy Alan Jackson’s classic “Chattahoochee.”