Graham MacRae Goes for Broke on “Dirty and Down”


With a rolling beat behind him, Graham MacRae is cruising down California’s famous highway 101 in “Dirty and Down.” And despite its sunny feel, the L.A.-based musician says he wrote the song just after getting wiped out in a poker game.

“The song was written on a late night drive home from Commerce Casino after blowing it at Texas Hold ‘Em,” he says. “‘Dirty and Down’ is one of the tracks on the album that most showcases a full-band sound. It has a hoedown, foot-stomping feel, making it the most country sounding song on the record.”

“Dirty and Down” has been a staple of MacRae’s shows for years, and the studio version is the closing track on a new album, Dundrearies. The song features David Newton from the Mighty Lemon Drops on guitar. Filtered through MacRae’s quirky style and booming voice, being “Dirty and Down” doesn’t sound so bad.