Joy Kills Sorrow Ascend on “Such Great Heights”


As a string band from Boston, a city whose musical heroes include the Dropkick Murphys and Aerosmith, Joy Kills Sorrow have the advantage of not feeling tied to rigid bluegrass templates. They’re free to experiment with modern trends in music, combining the new and old at will. Take, for example, their cover of Postal Service’s “Such Great Heights” on their upcoming EP, Wide Awake, arriving June 4.

“Joy Kills Sorrow has always been a band whose sound has been based around playing new music with modern influences on traditional instruments,” says singer Emma Beaton. “We all have roots in various traditional styles of music but listen to plenty of pop and indie rock music, and we try to incorporate all that into what we play.

“We definitely took Wide Awake just one step further in the direction we were headed and focused in a little more on not only playing original songs in the indie vein but also producing the record in that way. ‘Such Great Heights’ is the epitome of that. It’s a song we all already loved, and we decided to tackle it on the instruments we have and bring it into the acoustic realm.”

Check out Joy Kills Sorrow’s rendition of “Such Great Heights.”