The Black Lillies Await “The Fall”

You won’t see the Black Lillies anywhere in their new music video, “The Fall.” Instead, two souls gradually drift toward each other — one from the desert, the other from the ocean. The evocative video, filmed in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, unites the two worlds.

“This is a very satisfying step both musically and visually,” says the band’s leader Cruz Contreras. “Not only does the video capture the dreamlike nature of the song, but it is very much in and of itself an artistic dream come true. The story, the music, the rhythm and all the imagery come together in a perfect meeting of time and space! Gratitude to director Daniel Cummings and to all those who contributed to the song’s full realization. Y’all enjoy!”

The peaceful, calming song leads Runaway Freeway Blues, the latest album from the Knoxville, Tenn., band. Check out the Black Lillies’ “The Fall.”