Nick 13 Strolls L.A. Beneath a “Nighttime Sky”

Watching Nick 13’s brand new video for “Nighttime Sky,” you’ll see a moonlit view of California’s country music heritage. Strolling down Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood, the singer passes by the former Palomino Club and the shop of Jaime Castaneda, a cowboy tailor who got his start working for Nudie Cohn. And even casual listeners can’t miss the sweeping steel guitar of the inimitable Lloyd Green, who played on the Byrds’ seminal album, Sweetheart of the Rodeo.

If you’re in California this weekend for the Stagecoach Festival, be sure to check out Nick 13’s set on Saturday (April 27). In the meantime, enjoy the CMT Edge exclusive of “Nighttime Sky.”