Family of the Year’s “Hero” Shows a Real Fighter

The band Family of the Year highlight a real tough guy in their new video for “Hero.” Up-and-coming bull rider Nicolas Sartor let the Los Angeles ensemble film some of the daily grind on his family’s ranch in California. Other than the day job he holds down in the video (he’s actually a welder), everything you see is real.

That includes the pill-popping Sartor has to do to recover from a head injury. His helmet was broken one day, but Sartor decided to ride anyway — a bad decision. He’s now back on the bulls and taking cringe-inducing spills like nothing ever happened.

Floating gently and unobtrusively around all this grit is the song “Hero,” whose bright melody helps show that underneath the drive and determination, Sartor is really just another loving father trying to grab onto his dreams.

“The video shows that there’s a fighter in all of us,” says drummer Seb Keefe. Check out this realistic video for “Hero,” a song from Family of the Year’s album Loma Vista.