New Orleans’ Andrew Duhon Shoulders the Load


Nurturing a love of literature, New Orleans singer-songwriter Andrew Duhon is also a prolific journal writer who posts his entries online, writing about his own life like it were a novel. On his new album The Moorings, he seems to be doing the same thing, peppering each track with its own feeling of history and future.

“Rest on Her Shoulder” is one such tune, and it finds Duhon deeply in love but falling short in a relationship. He can easily find comfort in the arms of his girl, but she has her own place to cry. His soulful delivery comes in somewhere just beyond exasperation as he’s already tried everything to win her trust. But like a true New Orleans native — used to a sense of impending disaster — Duhon never hints at giving up. Listen to “Rest on Her Shoulder.”

Rest On Her Shoulder by CrashAvenue