Dawes’ “From a Window Seat” Is Just Plane Dreamy

The Los Angeles-based band Dawes turn a boring flight into a dreamlike adventure in their new video, “From a Window Seat.” As singer Taylor Goldsmith boards his plane and gets buckled up, his mind begins to wander. A playful melody quickly takes off, turning him into the narrator and observer of his fellow passengers and driving the song forward. Goldsmith’s detailed musings are easy to get lost in, even without the video, but it’s cool to see his band show up as random passengers throwing a party with the captain. Things stay lighthearted until Goldsmith notices an older version of himself a few rows down, and the two trade lyrics during the song’s propulsive chorus. The track is from the band’s just-released album Stories Don’t End, recorded in Asheville, N.C. Relax and enjoy today’s in-flight entertainment — the premiere of Dawes’ “From a Window Seat.”