Shooter Jennings Begins His “Other Life”

Shooter Jennings gets lowdown and lonesome in the first part of his new short film, The Other Life. As he half-heartedly leaves his family to rejoin the life of a touring musician, “The Other Life Part 1” sets up a character that’s dead-tired and looks ready to drop the whole thing. “Unrehearsed and dying of thirst” is the way Jennings puts it.

I’m not quite sure if Jennings is playing himself or a fictional character, but it seems to me like the beginning of a broad concept. There’s a mysterious woman following him around, chartered jets and an ominous tease of an ending.

Filmed as a companion to Jennings’ upcoming album The Other Life, the video leaves a lot of questions unanswered. See if you can come up with any theories after watching Shooter Jennings’ “The Other Life Part 1.”