Don’t Know Luke Winslow-King? Better Listen


Here’s my favorite new song I’ve heard this week: Luke Winslow-King’s “You Don’t Know Better Than Me.” There’s a laid-back lilt to the melody but just a slight bite to the lyrics. Winslow-King turns 30 next month, right before his official SXSW showcase in Austin. Listening to this song, though, you get the feeling he’s an old soul. That probably comes with learning the ropes in his adopted hometown of New Orleans, mixing up an earthy combo of jazz, blues and slide guitar. He’s playing a Big Easy show on Feb. 25 before heading to Texas, followed by a string of national tour dates. Look for his new album, The Coming Tide, on Bloodshot Records on April 23. In the meantime, enjoy this exclusive premiere of “You Don’t Know Better Than Me.”