Lord Huron Work With Visions for “Time to Run”

Ben Schneider of the folk-pop group Lord Huron grew up in the in the Midwest, but sonic visions of exotic locales fill his band’s debut album, Lonesome Dreams.

“A lot of times I actually start a song thinking about it visually,” says Schneider in a phone call with CMT Edge. “It’s just kind of the way I like to think about things.”

For “Time to Run,” Lord Huron took that visual approach to a higher level — filming a richly cinematic music video that adds intrigue to an already catchy song. With its vintage Technicolor theme, “Time to Run” looks and feels just like a lost spaghetti-Western from the 1960s complete with mystery and suspense. The band even made up a fake novel to base their film on.

“That’s kind of the way I approached writing this album, thinking about each song as sort of a frontier tale,” said Schneider.

The singer-songwriter plays a cowboy desperately fleeing an angry posse, while the reasons for his escape are hinted at in a flashback. Finally his band rushes to the rescue in a chaotic climax, but their fate remains uncertain.

Schneider says he envisions the video as just one in a series and would like to make one for each of the nine soundscapes on Lonesome Dreams.

“The story is going to continue, hopefully, with the rest of the videos,” he says. “We’re going to jump back in time to show the back story of some of the characters.”

Watch the first installment of Lord Huron’s video opus, “Time to Run.”

Lord Huron – Time To Run from Lord Huron on Vimeo.