Daniel Romano Laments the “Middle Child”

If you like your country music drenched in fiddle and tears, you’ll want to hear Daniel Romano’s “Middle Child.” Here’s the sad, sad story behind the song, courtesy of the Canadian musician.

“‘Middle Child’ is about a good childhood friend of mine, Bruce. He told this story to me drunkenly one night a few years ago in Medicine Hat, Alberta, where I just happened to run into him. Before that night I thought his mother was his birth mother. Turns out he was the middle of three children and was the only one to be abandoned and given up for adoption. He was able to track down his mother at age 25 only to discover she had just passed away from a rare heart disease he also has. During that time, he was in and out of jail and rehab a lot. I’m happy to say he has cleaned up his act since then and has built a good relationship with his real father who is a carpenter in Wawa, Ontario.”

Jan Brady, eat your heart out. The rest of you, check out Daniel Romano’s “Middle Child.”