The BoDeans Make Americana for “All the World”

The BoDeans have been playing stripped-down rock with story-focused lyrics since 1983, but only recently have they been able to enjoy the rising popularity of Americana music.

“I don’t know if I’m surprised [about the genre’s growth],” says singer Kurt Neumann in a call to CMT Edge. “I am happy about it because it seems like such a treasure to me. It’s an art form.”

Since their earliest days working with scholarly producer T Bone Burnett, the band has explored the wide range of American musical traditions. Their latest release, American Made, is no exception, borrowing themes from Cajun, Scots-Irish, country, bluegrass and rock music.

The first single off the record, “All the World,” fuses those influences into one accordion-pumping, fiddle-bowing call for action.

“We lost one of our core members last year,” says Neumann, referring to Sam Llanas, who exited the band to concentrate on a solo career. “So that song is really about moving on past your limitations or the negativity that held you back in life. Sometimes we get stuck in these situations where we feel like we’re being held down.”

Check out the band’s patriotic video for “All the World,” filmed in a former barber shop near Austin, Texas.